“To be the cartridge of choice for all Shotgun shooters, this includes Sport Shooters, Hunters and all branches of Law Enforcement.”


We are a company initially founded in 2004 to service the 8 gauge Industrial Kiln applications in the refractory, cement and steel industry – used for clearing built up blockages in the Kiln that affects output.  

This product was supported in Industrial applications by our Rock Breaking system known as the Rock Busta. This product is used in place of conventional explosives on construction sites, to break boulders to a manageable size.

Production for these products was in the upper story of an Ammunition Retailer, operating out of Plumstead. We later built a factory at the Strand near Somerset West in the Western Cape, and moved to these new premises in 2013.

At that stage we started to increase our product range to 12 gauge shotshells under the Brand “African Buckshot/Birdshot”. A comprehensive range of Buckshot is available from BB to LG. Our range of hunting shells in birdshot ranges from No 1 to No 7,5 (3.6 mm to 2.3 mm) and is available in 32 and 35 gram shot loads. Our No 7,5 shot is designed for maximum pattern and lower recoil and is comfortable to shoot all day. Cartridges also comply with C.I.P. and S.A.A.M.I. Standards.


Our Rifled slugs are 34,5 gram and are accurate up to 50 meters. The reason for this accuracy is that they are stabilised with a plastic obturator that has a boat tail effect.

The next addition to our 12 gauge product range is a “Less Lethal” series which now includes 2 ball soft rubber, 3 ball soft rubber, a single rubber slug, a bean bag load and our latest development the OC (pepper) round.  The concept behind the soft rubber is that it expands on impact and disperses the kinetic energy on impact over a larger area causing less severe injuries.

All of our rubber rounds are made from natural rubber with a Shore hardness of 57A. All loads are with single base propellants and no Black Powder is used. The 2 ball soft rubber, 3 ball soft rubber rounds are used to control rioting crowds and accuracy is good up to 20 meters. The bean bag, rubber slug and O.C (pepper) rounds are intended to be direct fired, to target specific agitators and organisers of the crowd.


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