Our Expertise

Founded in 2004, we are experts in the designing and manufacturing of shotshells and industrial cartridges, as well as special industrial and law enforcement cartridges

Industrial Cartrige is active in several different industries:

Sporting & Hunting

Law Enforcement





Our comprehensive range of 12 gauge shot shells includes African Buckshot as well as African Game Bird shotshells for sporting and hunting purposes. Locally produced, we guarantee that our products are of the highest standard.


Our full range of Less Lethal 12 gauge Law Enforcement shot shells include two ball batons, rubber slugs and beanbags. Used for crowd and riot control and all applications where killing somebody is not a first choice.


A heavy industrial gun used in the mining, cement and steel industry, used to knock down overhangs in mines and quarries, to break up bridging or stoppages in silos and desist boiler tubes and primarily remove slag build up from rotary kilns.


The Rock Busta is a compact and portable power tool which is extremely useful in the splitting and breaking of rocks, boulders and concrete into smaller pieces for removal or further processing.

Industrial Cartridge (PTY) LTD

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